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First Allied International Competition experience from an eye of a child ... Paris, France

One month ago, I had the best week of my life. The IFDPA held its annual World Championship in Paris, France. It was a truly magical experience I will never forget. We had stayed in France for a week, and the first two days we were able to spend in Paris, we could even see the Eiffel Tower from our hotel. We went to the very top of the Eiffel Tower, and had even visited the Louvre Museum. Not only was it fun, but also cultural, and educational. We got to see the actual Mona Lisa and other important historic pieces of art. On each street corner there was a great cafe where we ate baguettes, crembroule, macarons, and drank hot chocolate. Each meal consisted of one iconic French delicacy. The two days flew by and we found ourselves in Disneyland Paris. Disney was truly magical, from the rides, the food, and all the special memories tucked in between. We returned to our Toy Story themed hotel, prepared for the competition coming up the next day. We woke up, got ready, and went straight to breakfast. There was an all you can eat styled restaurant in the circle of Wild West hotels. The competition had staged a bus to drive us from our hotel to where the competition would be taking place. The competition was extremely organized which made our lives a lot easier. At the competition, we had a great time, winning three first place solos, and a special award for our trio, not to mention first place with our group, and a special award for our studio. We had the next three days to have the time of our lives. We had the greatest time in Disneyland, and the IFDPA even featured us in a parade. Since it was the beginning of October, Disneyland had set up halloween themed rides, and decorations. The IFDPA had a photo shoot, and featured us on their instagram page. The parade had gone along the whole park, and afterwards we kept the parade jackets. We went on magical rides, and watched the classic Disney projection onto Cinderella’s pink castle. There was fire, water, and fireworks. The experience was truly beyond words and I can’t wait for October to roll again next year. I hope you all can join the Allied team on this magical journey.

-Gaya Sahin-

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